About Us

About Us

Who We Are
BCHBA members number approximately 125 located throughout Bay County and the surrounding areas. We are affiliated with the Michigan Association of Home Builders in Lansing and the National Association of Home Builders in Washington, D.C. Across the nation, our membership includes over 200,000 individuals and companies.

What We Do
We serve the industry and the public by working to head off unreasonable legislation which would increase the cost and feasibility of building - and buying - homes. We provide builders and suppliers with keys to the latest developments in materials, construction methods, business management, property management, technology, sales and marketing so they can conduct their businesses effectively - and the home buyers of this area can count on professionals to build and supply their homes.

What Does the Bay County HBA Mean To You?
If you are involved in the home building industry, it is a sound business decision to join and be an active part of this professional organization. Our Member Benefits and Join Now sections provide details on how to become a member and the benefits you will realize by doing so. If you are a home owner, an apartment resident, or wish to purchase or remodel a home in Bay County, our Member Directory will help you reach the area's professional builders and suppliers. Builders and suppliers also have advertising space throughout the site highlighting their skills and products.

The Bay County Home Builders Association invites all professionals and trades people who provide products or services related to the building industry to consider joining our association.

Mission Statement
The Bay County Home Builders Association is a not-for-profit corporation providing services to builders, remodelers, suppliers, subcontractors and others affiliated with the construction/ building industry. The Association is to promote the building industry, be active politically and legislatively in the regulatory and legal arenas, to educate and inform members and the community relative to the betterment of the housing industry. The Association desires to be prominent in the community, have a positive image, and provide for affordable, reasonable, and quality housing for Bay County residents.