Benefits of joining the Bay County HBA

For your protection, hire a licensed and insured contractor!

Members of the Home Builders Association are building trust by providing information and education to consumers and their members. Each year, members contribute their time and expertise to enhance the community in which they live. HBA members work hard to promote professional standards, protection of the environment, and the need for affordable housing. Learn more about us or become a member today. Visit our Members Benefits page to see more about how these benefits work. 

A Few Benefits: 

  • Manufacturer Rebates

  • Discounted Work Gear

  • SuperFleet Fuel Discount 

  • Meijer Discount Card 

  • Workers' Compensation Insurance 

  • Property & Casualty Insurance  

  • Individual Health Plans 

  • College Tuition Discount

  • Health Care Trust 

  • Individual Health Insurance 

  • Discount Prescription Card 

  • Copyright Infringement Liability Insurance